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Missouri State Query Developers User Group

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The Query Developers User's Group (QDUG) is an organization designed to increase the flow of information between the query support staff and the University query users and developers.

To be eligible for participation in QDUG, you must be authorized to write your own queries.

New Resources Available

Find-a-Column Has New Features

Find-a-Column now includes searches for functions and datablocks.

Search for Functions - allows datablock designers to search for custom and banner delivered functions in the Banner Live (PROD) and ODSPROD databases. Using functions in datablock can simplify and standardize groupings in datablocks. Functions are a very useful resource.

Search for Datablocks - allows all Argos users to search for keywords in the titles and descriptions of written datablocks. This new feature will help users and datablock designers find datablocks to meet their needs. Try using this search before create brand new datablocks to find out if your datablock is already available or to get you started on designer a new one.

The new features are available from the Table Documentation > Find-a-Column link on the QDUG website. Select the feature you want to use and type in a keyword or phrase. A list of results will return with functions or datablocks that include that phrase or keyword.

For more information about this new feature contact QDUG Administration.

Time Status Code Change

A new time status will be added to student records beginning in July. The new time status reports 3/4 time status for Financial Aid and the National Clearinghouse. Please check you user folder for datablocks and reports reporting time status and make sure they will include 3/4 time status (code "QT"). Enrollment Services, Institional Research and QDUG will be reviewing all datablocks in the public folders for time status to make sure they are up to date. If you have any questions about the new time status code please contact QDUG Administration, Institutional Research, or Enrollment Services.

Points of Interest

The QDUG website has been updated. Check out some of the changes.
  • New Argos Datablock Connections and Changes to ODS Security. - Recently, Computer Services - MIS has undertaken a project to improve the security of the ODS data. In this effort, we will now be further restricting access to Personally Identifiable information. These restrictions are outlined in the University's policy on Personally Identifiable Information (Chapter 12 : Op 12.02-8 of the Policy Library) available on the Missouri State Website. In order to abide by this policy and make the information available when needed, we have rewritten the ODS tables and views. Personally identifiable information is now only available in one place with improved security. We have modified and increased security on any Argos reports that previously contained information described in level three of the Information Security Data Classification Levels. The data includes, but is not limited to, social security number and birth date.
  • New documentation is now available on the QDUG experts site on how to use the ADDRESS_BY_RULE and Z_TELEPHONE_BY_RULE views in your datablocks. The documentation is list under the Power Tips link under How Tos.
  • Changing your INB or ODS password. Step by Step instructions for changing your INB (PROD) or ODSPROD password for use in Argos.
  • FAQ Page - Explanation and tips for logging into Argos and executing reports.
  • Classes Page - The new schedule for Argos Training classes is NOW AVAILABLE.
  • Tips and Techniques - Helpful tips and techniques for Datablock Designers.
  • Meetings - Dates and Times of recent and upcoming QDUG meetings.
  • Contacts - updated contact information for the QDUG Staff.
  • Experts Documentation - Many Changes have occurred on the experts documentation website. First and foremost, it has been restructured to be more user friendly.
  • Process and Requirements for Moving a Datablock or Report to a Public Folder If you have written a datablock or report and would like it moved to a public folder where other users will have access to execute the report, please follow this process.

Upcoming Events

Ask the Experts - Every Friday (Previously Argos Open Lab)
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
CHEK 100 (Training Room)

Held every Friday, this class will allow you to get one-on-one attention while you are working on Argos reports or DataBlocks. Bring your reports and DataBlocks and get assistance. There is no need to register for this session. Just show-up.

Contact QDUG administration for more information.