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Missouri State Query Developers User Group

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The Query Developers User's Group (QDUG) is an organization designed to increase the flow of information between the query support staff and the University query users and developers.

QDUG's goals are to:

* Promote communication of advanced query design issues, including best practices, new technologies, and innovative methodologies and projects
* Increase peer review, collaboration, and group discussion among University query developers

QDUG is an association for the mutual benefit of its members and for the benefit of the University in general. Rather than replacing existing courses and support avenues, this group will extend the resources for University query developers to a more advanced level.


QDUG meets every other month. See the Meetings link on the left for meeting times and places.

QDUG Online Support

Online Support pages can be found in the following locations
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tips and Techniques
  • Table Documentation
  • Blackboard
  • Report Project Viewer

  • To be eligible for participation in QDUG, you must be authorized to write your own queries.

    By coming to the QDUG meetings, you will be able to:
    * Participate in the QDUG discussion
    * Meet one-on-one with other members of QDUG
    * Provide input and feedback to the query support staff