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Taylor Health and Wellness Center



 Smoke Free Ambassador Workshop - Breathe Easy Missouri State

   This interactive workshop will prepare you to support the University's new Tobacco Use/Smoking policy as a "smoke free ambassador". This workshop will provide information on the new tobacco policy, which takes effect on August 15th and disallows smoking on campus except in designated areas, and will prepare you to take an active role in promoting a healthy campus environment by helping to spread the word about the new policy in a respectful way. The workshop is facilitated by the Center for Dispute Resolution in support of this University initiative to improve our campus and workplace environment.

 THWC - Coronary Health Imporvement Project (CHIP)

   CHIP is a comprehensive, educationally intensive lifestyle intervention program with more than 40,000 graduates. It is designed to prevent, arrest essential hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heartburn, elevated cholesterol and heart disease.

Cost of the program is $300. Faculty and Staff members may register online and use their $150 Non-Credit Course Fee Waiver. Spouses and dependents are welcome to participant at their own expense. Please register guests by contacting Sheila Bowen at Taylor Health and Wellness Center, extension 64064.
Participant / Guest Cost: $300

 THWC - Hatha Yoga

   Level 1 Hatha Yoga in the Iyengar Tradition A medically sound and therapeutic approach to yoga. Bring to Class: Sticky mat, 4" foam block, 8" strap, 2 blankets and 2 towels. $78.00 for 8 weeks Faculty and Staff may use their non-credit fee waiver in part or in full.

 THWC - Weight Watchers at Work

   Research shows that people who attend Weight Watchers meetings lose three times more weight than people dieting on their own. And, with the majority of Americans spending the bulk of their day on the job, the workplace is an ideal setting for employees to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. At Work meetings can help you transform your workplace into an environment that can assist employee in achieving their weight loss goals. Includes free E-tools!
Cost is $ 186 for 17-week course.

Non-credit course fee waiver of up to $150 can be applied to the cost of this program
A benefit of $128 with participation in a research study that includes the Bod Pod and regular testing on body composition.

 Wellness - Financial Peace University

   Personal finance is 80% behavior and only 20% head knowledge. Therefore, the goal of Financial Peace University isn't just information, its transformation! Absolutely nothing is more effective at changing behaviors than these properly-led small groups. The seminar is a 13 week course that covers the following chapters in the material: Super Saving, Relating with Money, Cash Flow Planning, Dumping Debt, Credit Sharks in Suits, Buyer Beware, Clause and Effect, That's Not Good Enough, Of Mice and Mutual Funds, From Fruition to Tuition, Working in Your Strengths, Real Estate and Mortgages, and the Great Misunderstanding.

Nondiscrimination Statement

Missouri State University is an Equal Opportunity institution.

Accommodation of Disabled Patrons
Faculty or staff members with disabilities which may require special accommodations are encouraged to contact the Office of Equal Opportunity, Carrington Hall 128, (417) 836-4252 or TDD (417) 836-6974. 

Students with disabilities which may require special accommodations are encouraged to contact the Disability Support Services Office, New Hall 108, (417) 836-4192 or TDD (417) 836-6792.