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Financial Aid - Cost Worksheet for 2019-2020

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This worksheet should assist you in evaluating your need for student loans

When entering your estimated expenses, include only what you think you will need. Your costs may be different from those of a typical student. See the cost of attendance page for details on how typical costs are derived.

After you enter your estimated resources, click "Calculate" to see the results and recommended next steps

How Much Will It Cost?
(My estimated expenses for the year)

Expense Typical student cost
My estimated cost
$7,452 (MO resident)
$15,342 (nonresident)
$9,106 $
$1,288 $
$2,871 $
$984 $
TOTAL $21,701 (MO resident)
$29,591 (nonresident)
What Resources Do I Have?
(The amount available to me before loans)

Source My estimate

TOTAL $_____________
*Direct Loan fees are not included in typical student costs. On average, Direct Loans fees are $119 per academic year.

Total estimated resources $_____________
Less total esimated expenses $_____________
Difference $_____________