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Frequently Asked Questions about Payroll Direct Deposit

Q. How does Direct Deposit work?
A. Each payday the University will deposit your net pay directly into your checking or savings account at your financial institution. Direct Deposit is a safe and convenient way to receive your pay.

Q. Are there any costs to my participating in Direct Deposit?
A. No. The program is offered as a service to employees.

Q. How can I be sure that my pay is there on payday?
A. Check your pay stub using My Missouri State to verify the bank and amount. Check with your bank on pay day; many have on-line access to look at your account, or phone verification.

Q. Is it possible to have a portion of my check put into my savings account and the balance in my checking account?
A. Yes. The authorization agreement allows you to designate the amount to one account and the balance automatically goes to another account, the primary account. The accounts may be at different banks, credit unions, or savings and loan.

Q. What if my bank did not receive my Direct Deposit or the amount does not agree with the amount on my paystub?
A. This is highly unlikely, however if it should occur, contact the Payroll Office at 417-836-6578.

Q. What is the earliest date I can make cash withdrawals on the amount of the Direct Deposit?
A. The money will be available to you on payday; however you may want to confirm with your bank before using any funds.

Q. What if I decide to change banks? What do I have to do?
A. The authorization and any required bank information can be completed and processed online through the My Missouri State Profile Tab - Direct Deposit for Payroll is located under Employment Details section. Authorization may also be accomplished by completing an Authorization for Direct Deposit of Payroll form. The form may be filled out online or printed for completion and submitted to the Payroll Office, Carrington 119 with a voided check attached. However, DO NOT close your existing account until the first Direct Deposit has been received by the new bank.

Q. How is the final check(s) at the end of employment processed?
A. The final check will normally be a direct deposit however it could be a paper check depending on the status of your Property Clearance.

Q. If I have closed my account and forgotten to tell the University, what will happen to my pay?
A. Email Payroll@MissouriState.edu and either make the change online or in person at the Payroll Office as soon as possible. After verification that the funds have been returned to the University's bank, you will be notified by Payroll. At that time we will either redirect the direct deposit to your new account or issue a paper check.

Q. I am leaving the country in May. Can I use a bank in my home country to receive my net pay?
A. Direct deposit is available in US currency to US financial institutions only. You will need to make arrangements with your US bank to wire funds to you after you leave the US.

Q. What is the minimum amount I can use for my secondary account?
A. The minimum amount that can be used is $5.00.

Q. If I signed up for Direct Deposit the last time I worked, will I need to complete the Payroll Direct Deposit authorization again?
A. Your direct deposit authorization will remain in effect until you change it. You should check the bank and account number through My Missouri State to verify this information is still accurate.

Q. The authorization form asks for my checking or savings account number and my bank's routing number. How do I find that information?
A. Checking account and routing numbers are printed at the bottom of your personal check. If you are using a savings account for direct deposit or only have your debit card for reference, you will need to contact your bank for these numbers. Please note that the routing number on a deposit slip is not the correct routing number that is needed for direct deposit.

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