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Accessibility Information

Computer Services MIS Compliancy Level codes

As part of a university-wide effort to make official SMSU web pages accessible to all users, the Management Information Services group (MIS) reviews each of its web applications for accessibility guidelines. These guidelines are set by the federal government and implemented with help from the Missouri State Web Access Compliance Team.

The requirements published by the federal government change as HTML and web technology evolves. In order to better track the changes and compliancy levels of its applications, MIS has adopted its own compliancy level codes.

The current compliancy level code is CS-2.0. A web application displaying this code in its footer meets all of the following accessibility checkpoints:

  • Image files have "alt=" descriptions
  • The page loads and functions in Netscape 6.0 or later.
  • Data tables use "scope" or "ID/headers" to relate column and row headers
    to data cells.
  • All visible HTML form elements have "label for=" tags around text labels
    or prompts.
  • The tab order of forms with 10 or more elements is set with "tabindex" attributes
  • When a page features repetitive navigational links, there is a means to skip over those links.
  • Color is not used to convey special meaning.

The above list is not a complete listing of accessibility checkpoints, but rather the major ones that apply to MIS web applications.

MIS web applications are tested using IBM's Home Page Reader. Although there are many readers on the market, IBM's reader is considered by many to be the "common denominator" in terms of basic features that all readers should support.